Biochemistry 906, Computational Biochemistry

Organized by Alessandro Senes and Julie Mitchell

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Sep 9, 4pm2112 BiochemistryJulie MitchellTools for Computation
Sep 16, 4pm2112 BiochemistryGheorghe CraciunMathematical and computational methods for analyzing biochemical interaction networks
Sep 23, 4pm175 BiochemistryAli DahstiFrontiers in conformational mapping of molecular machines
Sep 30, 4pm2112 BiochemistryVatsan RamanPredicting 3-dimensional protein structures at atomic-level accuracy
Oct 7, 4pm2112 BiochemistryJohn CowgillAllosteric interactions between sensory domains and gates in voltage-gated ion channels
Oct 14, 4pm2112 BiochemistryDarryl WesenerUs and Them: Recognition of Microbial Glycans by Human Intelectin-1
Oct 21, 4pm2112 BiochemistryRichard WangComputation in Evolutionary Genetics: Outliers and Model Selection
Oct 28, 4pm2112 BiochemistrySam CravenComputational prediction of the FtsB transmembrane homo-dimer
Nov 4, 4pm2112 BiochemistryShravan SukumarMarkers of Specificity in Protein-DNA interactions
Nov 11, 4pm2112 BiochemistrySamantha AndersonCα-H hydrogen bonding and van der Waals interactions drives GASright association
Nov 18, 4pm2112 BiochemistryQiang CuiAre biomolecular MD simulations getting better?
Nov 25, 4pm2112 BiochemistryCancel for HolidayTBD
Dec 2, 4pm2112 BiochemistryRobert NewberryTBD
Dec 9, 4pm2112 BiochemistryScott WildmanVirtual Screening: How Wrong?