Browser/Java Requirements

The visual content of this site is heavily reliant on JavaScript. We suggest navigating our site with a JavaScript-enabled browser. Also, please be sure you have the Sun Java Engine 1.4 or later installed. Visit to download the latest version.

Check out the DBSI Server manual to get started.

If you use the DBSI Server, please cite:
        X. Zhu, S. E. Ericksen, and J. C. Mitchell
        DBSI: DNA Binding Site Identifier
        Nucleic Acids Research, 41(16): e160, 2013.
        View Abstract
        S. Sukumar, X. Zhu and J. C. Mitchell
        The DBSI Server: Predicting DNA Binding Sites
        To Appear.

To download the DBSI software package for local installation, visit this link